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Plug In: Number Field with Decimal

It’s a Number Field with Decimal Plugin In, which allow only Numeric Values and one DOT and Specified decimal value (2 or 4) in Number Field.

Plug-In Details:

DB versions:,,,,,,,

APEX versions:,,  21.1.0


Go to GitHub and export plugin file “item_type_plugin_orclking_number_field.sql” from Source directory and import it into your application.

Steps to Achieve:

Step 1: Create a new blank page.

Step 2: Export plugin file “item_type_plugin_orclking_number_field.sql” from Source directory and import it into your application.

Navigation: Shared Components ==> Plug-ins ==> Import

Plugin will be listed under plug-ins bucket after successful installation.

Step 3: Create a region to the page. Region type should be Static Content.

Step 4: Create a item to the region. Change item type to “Number Field with Decimal [Plug-In]”.

Step 5: In the Settings section you can choose some options. The image below shows all the available options.

  1. Element Text Position – Position of the field value (Left/Right)
  2. Min. Value – Specifies the minimum value allowed
  3. Max. Value – Specifies the maximum value allowed
  4. Digits – Specifies the decimal value allowed

Output: Then you output would display like this,

That’s it.

Happy APEXing!!!…

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